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Animal Innovations Podcast Interview

Our Animal Innovations podcast interview is now live on the Youtube channel. Rene and I had the honor of chatting with Doobert founder and podcast host Chris Roy. This episode focuses more on the many free Tripawds resources and assistance programs than our book, Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now. But we do share our story about Jerry and how it all began. We also provide many amputation recovery and care tips for pet parents coping with limb cancer or surgery for their dogs and cats.

The number one thing I tell people…is Be More Dog. Because, dogs adapt quickly and adjust, and move on and get on with their lives. It’s the people that tend to freak out, and that’s why Tripawds exists.
~ Jim Nelson, Animal Innovations Episode #85

We’re honored to be considered innovators and were thrilled to be invited onto the show. As Chris explains it, the Animal Innovations Show highlights the top innovative ideas in the animal welfare space. Guests include the masterminds behind these innovative ideas. They share how they are helping you help animals! If it helps animals, you’ll hear all about it on the Animal Innovations podcast.

Watch full episode (Facebook Live).

Animal Innovations Podcast Episode Synopsis

In addition to our interview, we were thrilled to discover this summary Chris put together compiling highlights from our 23+ minute conversation. This short video shines light on the top online resources for people with three legged pets from our full interview.

Description: So, you’re looking for an online resource center for amputee pets and their people? We talked with Tripawds Foundation to learn more about how they help three-legged pets and their people everywhere.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:13 How are you innovating and helping animals?
01:21 How often do a dog and a cat lose their limbs?
02:10 What advice do you give to pet parents when this happens?
03:00 When did you decide to start this community?
05:32 How did the Tripawds Foundation come to be?

Doobert provides much more detail, highlights, and insight about this episode in this article:

Online Resource Center for Amputee Pets and Their People


Doobert is an online platform equipped with powerful tools designed to help overcome the biggest challenges in animal rescue.

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