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Be More Dog Reviews are Rolling In

Readers are posting Be More Dog reviews on Amazon, and the book has only been available for less than two weeks!

be more dog reviews

See what readers are saying about Be More Dog – the new book from Tripawds founders Rene and Jim, sharing the lessons learned from their three-legged zen master, Jerry…

“I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s so uplifting and brings a smile to your face as you read it. More importantly, it teaches us all how to live every day to the fullest…” –E.B

Amazon Be More Dog reviews reviews help others make informed purchase decisions. We are honored to see such a pawsitive response to Be More Dog, so soon after publication.

be more dog review

Sharing feedback about the book will help it reach more people looking for ways to live a more enlightened life, to enjoy life to the fullest, to…Be More Dog!

This autobiographical account of life with their dog, Jerry, is touching, humorous, insightful, inspirational, and well-written. The authors have provided picturesque details so you feel like you are right there with them at every twist and turn of their puppy dog’s tail. –K.M.

As an avid reader and animal lover I found this book to be very gripping and heartfelt. This book was filled with so much love and eloquently written. I felt like I was actually taken on this journey with them. –J

To see for yourself, get your Be More Dog paperback, e-books, or special gift package here on the Be More Dog Shop page.

be more dog review

If you have already read Be More Dog, thank you! Please share your thoughts by leaving a Be More Dog review on Amazon. Then be sure to send us the review link to access a special gift and bonus material.

2 thoughts on “Be More Dog Reviews are Rolling In”

  1. I was “there” with you two and Jerry! You brought me right into your adventures, right by your side, as you traveled with Jerry on this life altering journey. You brought me along every step of the way emotionally and spiritually. I “traveled” across the country with you and “saw” and experienced gifts of Nature I would never be able to physically experience myself.

    And I got to witness a beautiful Soul deep love between you and Jerry A loving bond between you and Jerry guided by purpose and mission. I loved watching as the depth of your relationship revealed one profound life lesson after another. I could almost hear the bells go off in your head as you “got it”, you got the lesson, the message.

    I laughed and, oh yes, I cried. Often there were tears of joy. When the sad tears came, you had a way of soon replacing them with smiles, with Jerry guiding you the whole way weaving in and out of every emotion a human could possible feel.

    ‘Enlightenment” comes shining through in so many different ways with this book. Yrs, it’s a lesson in hope and inspiration. It’s also a tutorial on how to live in sync with the mission of your dog! Yes, it’s undeniable that Jerry came to Jim and Rene with a mission. A mission that became theirs too. Live in the moment and make ecery moment count. Find the empowerment that can come from every struggle. Jim and Rene learned to celebrate every moment of Jerry’s happiness and contentment, regardless.

    Reading about all the lessons Jerry taught you, all the steps Jerry presented to you to ensure “Tripawds” would evolve, shows the power of a dog’s heart and the love he and his humans share.


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