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Final Words of Wisdom from Tri-stix Cartoon

As promised in our introduction of Tri-stix Chonicles, here are the final few strips of the Tri-stix cartoon. We included these simple illustrations in our Be More Dog book because they bring back such fond memories. Our friend Sasha created them during the early days of the Tripawds community.

Lalla and Barney
Lalla plays with the Barney Jerry sent.

Sasha was one of our very first members. She and her dog Lalla were from Israel. Lalla and Jerry developed a long distance love affair. We exchanged gifts by mail. Lalla received one of Jerry’s coveted Barney dolls. And Sasha sent us the Tri-stix cartoons which we shared on his blog. Here is Tri-stix Cartoon #3 which she sent in July, 2008 – shortly after she said Goodbye to Lalla.

tri-stix cartoon
Tri-stix Chronicles #3

“Wow” indeed. This Tri-stix cartoon still leaves us contemplating the inspirational life on three legs that all Tripawds live.

Lalla lost her right rear leg to osteosarcoma, the same cancer that took Jerry’s front left. When we heard Sasha couldn’t find a Web Master harness in Israel, we sent her one of Jerry’s. She then sent us a mini graphic novella featuring the two of them titled, Jerry and Lalla Save the World.

Jerry and Lalla Save the World

Check out the entire Jerry and Lalla Save the World series or download the PDF in the Tripawds News blog. It’s not an official Tri-stix cartoon. But you’ll smile at some serious life lessons these two spiritual three legged dogs have to share with all humans!

The Final Tri-stix Cartoon

After Lalla ran free for the Rainbow Bridge, Sasha sent us this thoughtful Tri-stix Cartoon. While it does not feature the same fun three-legged stick drawings, we consider it the final installment of the Tri-stix Chronicles.

tristix cartoon
Final Tri-Stix Cartoon: The Wisdom Tree

View The Wisdom Tree Full Size


Later, when Jerry was reunited with Lalla in doggie heaven, Sasha created her final episode. Simply titled The Wisdom Tree, the graceful silhouette figures of Jerry and Lalla sat on a limb against a bright-blue sky.

Sasha knew all about our nomadic lifestyle and our travels with Jerry. She also understood the importance of living in the Now. Therefore, in The Wisdom Tree, she includes a very special message for all humans. To this day, we still hold this message very near and dear in our hearts.

Lalla asks Jerry if he has any words of wisdom for Jim and Rene. His answer?

Look at life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror.
Be More Dog, Chapter 10: Making Friends Everywhere

lalla's dream
Lalla dreams of meeting Jerry on the beach.

We’re sure Jerry and Lalla did finally meet in doggie heaven. Just like the image form the Israeli beach which sasha sent us. We will always cherish the friendship we developed with her – and many Tripawds members over the years. Yet we will always heed Lalla’s advice and keep our eyes on the road ahead.

Get the whole story about the many friends we made – online, around the world, and on the road with Jerry – in Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now. Once you’re read it in your favorite format, submit your review link here to access all the Tri-stix cartoons, more bonus material, and other free gifts!


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