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Canine Conversations Podcast Interview with Be More Dog Author Jim Nelson

Many thanks to Robert Cabral for the recent interview on his popular dog behavior podcast, Canine Conversations. In his podcast episode #40, titled “TriPawds are 3 Legged Dogs” Robert talks with Tripawds co-founder and Be More Dog author Jim Nelson.

About this conversation, Robert says:

“Three legged dogs are are often called Tripods. Jim Nelson founder of TriPawds has a different way of thinking. He and his wife, Agredano, are the founders of Tripawds:

This podcast is the story of their dog Jerry, his devastating cancer diagnosis and how Rene and Jim changed not only the life of Jerry, but also so many dogs since. Dogs with cancer, amputations and more. This heart wrenching and heart warming interview is for any dog lover.”

Listen to Canine Conversations Episode #40 on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy podcasts.

Or, watch this video version of the entire episode here:

In this video version of the show, Ropert shares photos of Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson with original Tripawds Chief Fun Officer Jerry G. Dawg, while Jim and Robert discuss canine cancer, growth of the Tripawds community, and the new Be More Dog book that tells the whole story, from the beginning.

Jim says, “It was an honor and pleasure sharing our story with Robert’s fans. The conversation was natural and sincere. We laughed, we cried, and I really didn’t have to speak directly about our book. My answers to Robert’s questions told the story.” He adds, “What really stood out was seeing a total stranger on Facebook share the episode in a related group the day after the episode aired.”

For expert dog behavior and training tips, and more Canine Conversations, connect with Robert Cabral:

Robert Cabral – Dog Trainer, Spokesman, Advocate – Founder and Director of Bound Angels – Dog Trainer, Behavior Specialist

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