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Calling All Creatures Podcast Interview: Tripawds & Be More Dog

Calling All Creatures podcast host Laurie Fivecoat reached out to us a while back. She asked us to be guests on her popular Pets and Animals show. Rene and I were honored to oblige. So we shared details about the Tripawds community and our Be More Dog book with her listeners on September 23, 2008. Tune in below or on your favorite podcast app.

Laurie read our book, Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now prior to our discussion.

“I had trouble putting it down…it’s just amazing. They literally sold everything and packed up and got an RV and took Jerry on his bucket list adventure of a lifetime – all for the love of their dog…some people would say that sounded pretty crazy.”
– Laurie Fivecoat, Calling All Creatures Podcast: Episode 56

Crazy indeed. If you had asked me back then if I would someday be managing the largest online community for amputee pets and their people, I would have laughed out loud.

“It took something really tragic for us to open our eyes and go ‘our time is so limited here.'”
– Rene Agredano

Rene and I had a wonderful time sharing our story. But more than that, we loved sharing helpful tips about pet amputation with Laurie’s listeners. We discuss the importance of rehab, pain management, and proper nutrition for dogs and cats after losing a leg. I discuss how dogs are born with Three Legs and a Spare – the title of our first Tripawds canine amputation handbook. We talk about prosthetics and chemotherapy. And we address some important special needs of three three legged cats.

What does it mean to Be More Dog?

Laurie asked me about what it means to be more dog. I mention the various lessons Jerry taught us, and how it all comes down to presence.

“…resilience…acceptance…perseverance…awareness…but it all boils down to presence, and living most fulfilled in the moment all the time.”
– Jim Nelson

I then illustrated the fact by sharing the story in our favorite MUTTS strip by Patrick McDonnell, who wrote toe foreword for our book.

MUTTS © Patrick McDonnell – March, 2008

We cover so much more during our 90 minute discussion. I encourage you to listen below, and share this episode with anyone who has a three legged pet or may be facing amputation for their dog or cat.

About this Calling All Creatures Episode

Well here it is podcast time again! Tonight I will be discussing a little more serious topic with my guests Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano who are the founders of Tripawds. We’ll be discussing having to have one of your pets legs amputated due to bone cancer. Jim and Rene went through this themselves with their beloved Shepherd Jerry. So they are going to share their experiences with us, along with talking about how they decided to start Tripawds and the Tripawds Foundation. If you’re someone that is going through this or know someone that is, please listen in or have them listen to hear what others like you/them have already experienced and where you can turn to for more information or help.

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About Calling All Creatures

Laurie broadcasts Calling All Creatures podcast live from Cochise county on the Spreaker platform.

From Spreaker Bio: If you love animals and would like to learn more about them and the people that work with them in all sorts of different fields this is the show to listen to. We will discuss all sorts of different animal topics and we’ll invite guests from many different walks of life to talk about their animal passions and hopefully get some useful information out to the public.

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