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Following in Jerry’s Pawprints

WARNING: We already shared the spoiler alert about Wyatt following in Jerry’s Pawprints. But he deserves another mention here right now, even though he makes no appearance in Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now.

Spoiler Alert
Fort Pierce Farmers Market, January 2008

No, that is not Wyatt Ray. It sure looks like him, but he wasn’t even born yet. And this week he earned his well-deserved wings.

Wyatt Ray

Rene wrote a short post in Wyatt’s own words for his blog, titled Let Go. Let Dog. I shared some photos from our 12+ years on the road with Wyatt as our Co-pilot. And I’m sure we’ll have much more to say as our hearts heal once again. So why write about him here, when we make no mention of him in our Be More Dog book?

Big Pawprints to Fill

With our Chief Fun Officer Jerry as the first official Tripawds spokesdog, Wyatt had some pretty big pawprints to follow. And he filled them well. Jerry was the reason we left the default life behind 2007, and never looked back.

jerry g dawg
Jerry G Dawg – May 2008

But he was only with us as our guide for those first two years on the road, almost. From the day we left, we believe it was the nomadic lifestyle that helped contribute to Jerry’s longevity.


“The next day, Jerry settled into the traveling life like an experienced hobo. As they drove down the highway, he rode the entire way while sitting up on the back seat and leaning his muzzle out the window, his long tongue flapping in the wind. Watching the world go by at 55 miles an hour put a new sparkle in his eyes and added energy to his spirit.”
Be More Dog, Chapter 8: Moving On

On the other paw, Wyatt was our three-legged copilot for the past dozen years. He saw many more miles, and even made it to Alaska with us. Along the way, he followed in Jerry’s pawprints more than a few times.

wyatt ray
Wyatt Ray Dawg – February 2018

Jerry was there for our first visit to Luckenbach. That scene was one of those babies we had to cut from the book. But it is also when we fell in love with the place, where everybody is somebody.

luckenbach jerry
Jerry G Dawg – Luckenbach Texas, February 2008

We’ve returned to the center of the universe many times since then. And Wyatt was with us each time.

luckenbach wyatt
Wyatt Ray Dawg – Luckenbach Texas, December 2011

Wyatt also followed in Jerry’s pawprints to Pie Town, another one of our favorite places at the center of the universe. And those scenes definitely made it into the book.

pietown guestbook
Pie-O-Neer Guestbook Entry – April 2008

We would return to the Pie-O-Neer and become dear friends with the Pie Lady of Pie Town over the years. And we owe it all to that first visit when she let us in with Jerry though we arrived after hours.

“They never had much of a story to tell before Jerry got sick. But now, they had a good one. People seemed to enjoy hearing about how a dog turned their life upside down for the better, and the Pie Lady of Pie Town was no exception.”
Be More Dog, Chapter 19: The Truth, and Consequences

wyatt at pietown
Wyatt at Pie-O-Neer Pies – May 2014

We returned to Vickers Ranch with Wyatt for many summers, where he followed in more of Jerry’s pawprints all over the Upper Ranch.

wyatt vickers ranch
Wyatt at Vickers Ranch – September 2012

And that is where Jerry enjoyed his last summer. It’s also the location we shot our Three Legged Red review video.

“Whoa. They sent us a magnum!” Jim ripped open the carton and held up the big bottle of Three Legged Red. Jerry inspected the packaging, wondering what the big deal was all about. “This is cause for a celebration!”
Be More Dog, Chapter 21: Ranch Life

jerry vickers ranch
Jerry at Vickers Ranch – June 2008

Wyatt also visited Yellowstone, where Jerry spent his final days.

“They had to follow their gut instinct. They could go on and give Jerry the time of his life at Yellowstone. Or they could turn around, check him into an institution, and potentially rob him of any great days he had left. For this wandering pack, it was a natural choice. She said nothing, and Jim kept his hands on the wheel.”
Be More Dog, Chapter 22: On the Road Again

If you’ve read Be More Dog, you understand Jerry’s love/hate relationship with a certain little purple dinosaur. Wyatt’s was more of a hate thing.

jerry wyatt barney

Tripawds Spokedawg II had many different lessons to teach us over the years. Truth be told, early drafts of Be More Dog featured Wyatt Ray as the narrator – with a big surprise reveal of that fact in the end. But he has his own story to tell. And that deserves a book of his own.

Both of our three-legged copilots crossed the Continental Divide and the Mississippi River with us, a number of times. And both dogs left big pawprints on our hearts.

jerry beach

wyatt beach

Tripawds Tribute Banners

For now, follow up on all Jerry’s pawprints from our travels around the country in Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now.

5 thoughts on “Following in Jerry’s Pawprints”

  1. This is such a beautiful way to retrace the trips you made with Jerry and then with Wyatt through pictures. The photos with Jerry, and then Wyatt at the same locations have so much meaning now. Their earth journeys were separate, but their Spirit travels are now together side by side💖💖

    Revisiting these wonderful places will be bittersweet. I KNOW you will feel the presence of these two boys as they remind you they are still with you. I also know a time will come when another dog takes up residence in your heart next to Jerry and Wyatt.and will bring joy and companionship back into your lives as you continue your travels.

    Yes, Wyatt does indeed deserve his own book….and we can’t wait to read it!! You already have ma great start right here on this post. And you already have your title in the lead-in to this post. Yes, Wyatt followed in Jerry’s pawprints….and also created his on pawprint. path💜❤

    Thanks for this beautiful pictorial tribute.

    Love and light

  2. This is a beautiful tribute to both Jerry and Wyatt! What wonderful adventures you took them both on. Love to you both and my thoughts are with you.

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie


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