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Traveling with Pets – RV Miles Podcast Interviews Jim and Rene

RV Miles podcast host Jason asked Be More Dog authors Rene and Jim for tips on traveling with pets in the full-timing series segment of episode #147. He said, “You’ve been traveling for all this time, and you obviously would be experts in traveling with pets.”  Near the end of the episode he added, “You are the OGs of full-time RVing, and we’re so happy to have you on to share your story with everybody.” 😀

RV Miles Podcast #147: Full-timing Series – Traveling with Pets

Watch video below, or listen to the full episode here:

13 Years on the Road and Being More Dog with Jim Nelson & Rene Agredano

“Our life basically revolves around our dog’s needs. Your pet’s needs have to be your number one concern when you’re full-timing.” – Rene

Rene and Jim offered plenty of tips for traveling with pets. But that is not all they discussed. Since this podcast interview focused primarily on RV travel, they provided more detail in their Live Work Dream blog.

“You guys are obviously experts in dogs with disabilities, for lack of a better term. What are some of the ways you have to work around dealing with health issues of a pet on the road?” – Jason

With 13 years of experience RVing with dogs, Rene offered great feedback. “Finding great vet care on the road isn’t hard, if you’re willing to travel to it. If you’re not willing to make those little sacrifices for your pet, you can end up with some not so great vet care. To us, it’s a big deal that our dog is around good practitioners.”

Jim and Rene offered RV Miles listeners two excellent resources for finding the best vet when traveling with pets.

“You guys have a new book out, Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Nownumber one new release on Amazon in Travel with Pets…” – Jason

“That book is a ten-year labor of love,” Rene replied, “it’s basically the lessons that Jerry taught us about how to look at life, and how to spend your day.”

Jim adds, “But it’s more than a memoir of an epic road trip this three-legged dog takes. It’s a mantra to live by, because woven into the stories of our various workamping jobs and how we turned our passion into a labor of love, are the lessons he taught us. Things like resilience, acceptance, perseverance, and just awareness, and gratitude for what you have. And living every day to the fullest no matter what life might throw your way.”

Pets have a really great way of showing you the universe, and we put into words what Jerry showed us, about living through a pandemic for example.” – Rene

“Pets just move on,” she adds. “They just take every day as it comes, and their not thinking about life down the road.”

Watch the video version of this RV Miles podcast interview here:

NOTE: RVing with pets interview with Jim and Rene starts at 11:50.

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