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Work from Your Happy Place to Be More Dog

Belinda Ellsworth is the “Left Brain Entrepreneur” who hosts the Work From Your Happy Place podcast. She interviews leaders in their field to equip you with the tools, know how, and motivation to live your dreams, and find your happy place. She interviews entrepreneurs who are living their best life, working from their Happy Place. Be More Dog authors Rene and Jim have been doing just that – for 13+ years now – from their RV home office.

On the Work From Your Happy Place podcast, Belinda holds informative and entertaining conversations about how to consistently balance your life and work. Jim and Rene learned to balance life and work when they hit the road in an RV, after their Chief Fun Officer Jerry lost a leg to cancer. That is when they sold their home, their business – and nearly everything they owned – and started their Live Work Dream blog to document their travels in search of their Happy Place. Belinda invited them to share their story on Work From Your Happy Place Episode 241.

work from your happy pace

No, that is not Jerry in the cover art for this Work from Your Happy Place podcast episode. In case you missed the Spoiler Alert, that is current Tripawds spokesdawg Wyatt Ray.

Be More Dog Authors Work from Happy Place

As location independent entrepreneurs, Jim and Rene were ideal guests for Work From Your Happy Place. They’ve been self-employed and working from home for more than 20 years. And for the past 13 years – since they hit the road with Jerry – they have been doing it from their mobile Tripawds headquarters. Much of the conversation focused on how their nomadic lifestyle was different, so they started by talking about working from the road.

“Being able to live like this gives us the ability to explore while we’re still young, and healthy and strong enough to enjoy it.” ~ Rene

“(Our nomadic lifestyle) allows us to enjoy our life.” ~ Jim

“I think it’s exciting. I think it’s fun. And I think it takes a lot of courage.” ~ Belinda

Listen to full Work From Your Happy Place episode 241 here.

Belinda asked Rene and Jim about the challenges they’ve faced as location independent entrepreneurs. And she wanted to know how they’ve worked through them. Jim discussed juggling work and play time. He mentioned how making your own hours is the best – and the worst – part about being your own boss.

“I think that’s the greatest challenge for any entrepreneur…That’s great for people listening to this to hear.”

“These are the things that you’re gonna deal with as an entrepreneur. Whether you’re living here, if you have a brick and mortar, whether you’re living in an RV. You still gotta learn that life-work balance.” ~ Belinda

All their podcast appearances include a discussion of their book, Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now, and the lessons Jerry taught them. Applying those lessons are how they work from their Happy Place, by balancing those life-work challenges on a daily basis.

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